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Welcome to the R1148.2 Online Notification and Reporting Portal

Rule 1148.2 requires operators of onshore oil and gas wells and suppliers of chemicals used for well activities to electronically report well activity notifications and chemical use reports relating to well drilling, well completions, and well rework activity. This online portal is to be used to comply with the notification and reporting requirements of Rule 1148.2.

Getting Started

All operators and suppliers must register and create an account in order to electronically file notifications and reports. To set up an account, go to the “Manage Account” tab at the top of the webpage and select “Create Account” from the dropdown list. Users can also go to this tab to change or reset their password.

After successful registration, users will be able to login, fill out, and submit the following rule-required information online:

  • Well Activity Notifications
  • Chemical Use Reports – Operator/Supplier

For security purposes, users will need to login every time when any of the above forms are accessed.

Detailed instructions and help information on filling out and submitting the above reports can be accessed by clicking on a “FAQ” or “Help” link located on the form page.

Well Activity Notifications

Rule 1148.2 (d) requires operators to electronically notify the SCAQMD no more than 10 days and no later than 48 hours prior to the start of drilling, well completion, or rework of an onshore oil or gas well. Up to Five 24-hour extensions are permitted in order to accommodate delays in the start of well operations. Well operators are required to provide general well information, notification type, description of well activities, and nearest sensitive receptor information. These event notifications are made available for review as required under Rule 1148.2 (f).

Chemical Use Reports

Rule 1148.2 (e) requires operators and suppliers to electronically report to the SCAQMD specific information on the chemicals used during well drilling, well completion, and well rework activities no later than 60 days after the activities are completed. Information includes chemical trade names, chemical abstract numbers, and air toxics identification. The well event ID (generated and provided to the operator after submitting a notification) will be required in order to begin filling out a chemical use report.

Useful Links

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For additional assistance regarding the use of the Rule 1148.2 Online Notification and Reporting Portal, send an email to Rule1148.2@aqmd.gov or contact:

Michael Morris Rodolfo Chacon Jose Enriquez
Planning & Rules Manager Program Supervisor Air Quality Specialist
(909) 396-3282 (909) 396-2726 (909) 396-2640