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Welcome to the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s On-line Complaint Reporting System.  Air Quality complaints can also be reported by calling 1(800)CUT-SMOG or 1(800)288-7664.
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Confidentiality of Personal Information

AQMD maintains complainant personal information, such as name, address and telephone number, as confidential, to the extent allowed by state and federal law. Such information may only be released under very limited and unique circumstances, if required by the California Public Records Act or if requested under a subpoena or used in court proceedings.

Submission of Photographs/Videos

If your complaint includes the submission of any picture or video, you are declaring that the picture or video is true and correct and has not been altered. Any picture or video submitted becomes the property of AQMD.
If you are reporting an odor, please include the following details in the “Description” box:
Odor intensity - How would you rate the odor on the following scale?
1 = very faint/light odor
2 = faint/light odor
3 = moderate odor
4 = strong odor
5 = very strong odor
Odor persistence - When you detect the odor, is it constant or does it “come and go?”
Odor frequency - Have you detected the odor before? If so, how often and when do you generally detect it?
Odor type - Pick one or more of the following odor descriptions or include your own to best describe the odor you are detecting:
Burnt charcoal/wood Rotten egg/sulphurPine/fresh-cut wood
Burnt rubberRotten plantFresh-cut grass/hay
PungentEarthy/mustyOther (provide details)
Sour milkDusty/moldy

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